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Member Representative Forum

The Member Representative Forum is the BSI's 'think tank' and the place where the issues and ideas that are of importance to the Society and its members are raised, discussed and developed. The Member Representative Forum develops ideas and proposals for the consideration of the Board of Trustees. You can read about what was discussed at the most recent meetings here. To contact the Member Representative Forum, please email Jennie Evans

Please click here to read the Terms of Reference for the Member Representative Forum.

BSI Member Representative Forum members


The Member Representative Forum has permanent roles as outlined below, with additional members invited as required.

Type of Member
Chair of Forum
Jim Brewer
President Tracy Hussell 2026
Clinical Secretary Colin Dayan 2023
Education & Careers Secretary  Donald Palmer 2024
Public Engagement Secretary Matthias Eberl 2027
BSI Chief Executive Doug Brown  
Regional Representative - Scotland Patrick Cao 2027
Regional Representative - England Julia Makinde 2026
Regional Representative - Northern Ireland Karim Dib 2024
Regional Representative - Wales Simone Cuff


Early Career Representative Louise Topping 2024
Early Career Representative George Robinson 2026
Early Career Representative Anna Andrusaite 2027
Early Career Representative Edoardo Prediletto 2025
PhD Representative Lauren Campbell 2024
PhD Representative Jhanna Kryukova 2027
Industry Representative Chloe Pyle 2027
Clinical Representative Gareth-Rhys Jones 2026
Clinical Representative Tomaz Garcez 2024
Veterinary Representative Rebecca McLean 2026