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Role description: Education & Careers Secretary

Role title: Education Secretary
Accountable to: BSI Board 
Responsible for:  Education and Careers development

Scope and purpose

The Education Secretary leads in the strategic development of the BSI’s education, careers and curriculum work, creating structures and an environment that supports immunologists and related disciplines across their careers. 

The Education Secretary will work closely with the BSI staff and Chief Executive to enhance education and careers of those working in the field of immunology (especially in the UK and Northern Ireland). Although working mainly through universities and research institutes, the Secretary will also seek ways to promote consistent teaching of immunology in schools and to encourage school leavers to consider careers in immunology. 

General responsibilities

He/she will do this by leading discussions with others, setting up groups or sub groups of specific subjects (such as teaching or curriculum development) and advising the Trustees and the Member Representative Forum on strategy with respect to education, teaching and careers. In particular, the Secretary will focus on the need to help current and future members of the BSI get the support and high quality of teaching that is essential to development of the field and of careers. 

The Secretary will also work closely with BSI staff to prepare for a review by external experts to assess the current quality of teaching and future needs in the field of immunology, especially in the undergraduate and postgraduate education. 

Duties of the Education Secretary

  • To advise on the development and implementation of education and careers activities supporting all those working and interested in immunology.
  • To work with the CEO, education manager and partners to carry out a review of the undergraduate and postgraduate educational and career needs of members.
  • To advise on the development of potential new projects, exploring options for teaching resources, e-learning and workshops.
  • To meet with relevant senior stakeholders to further educational aims, representing the BSI.
  • To listen to members’ needs relating to educational challenges in schools, universities and beyond.
  • To chair specialist sub-groups where needed in specific areas e.g. teaching support.
  • To attend Member Representative Forum meetings (two per annum), the AGM and some Board meetings as necessary to report on educational matters.
  • To attend and contribute ideas to the development of initiatives such as the Bright Sparks and Careers sessions at the BSI congress. 
  • To contribute suggestions for the future of the Bite-Sized Immunology series. 
  •  To oversee the revision of the Careers booklet and associated materials such as video.

Education Secretary Person Specification

  • The appointee must be a Member of the BSI.
  • He/she must have extensive experience and knowledge of education and career development in immunology.
  • He/she must be passionate about improving the teaching of immunology. 
  • He/she must be willing to contribute to the BSI’s strategic vision.
  • High levels of credibility and respect in the teaching and immunological communities.
  • Strong leadership skills.
  • Ability to work collaboratively with staff and external partners.
  • Willingness to lead on the generation of ideas and their development, with support from BSI staff.