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BSI Neuroimmunology Group

The remit of the BSI Neuroimmunology Group is to foster communication and collaboration between groups working in any field linking neurobiology and immunology. Although the brain is considered an immune-privileged organ, there is a clear interaction between the immune system and the function of the nervous system. The further understanding on these interactions may provide novel insights in the pathophysiology of several neurological diseases.

We aim to organise meetings addressing this topic and the group will propose sessions for the main yearly BSI Congress as well as the Association of British Neurologists.

We welcome new members interested in this area. Please contact the group chair for more information.



Dr Yvonne Dombrowski

Lecturer, Wellcome Wolfson Institute for Experimental Medicine, Queen's University Belfast.


Dr Sarosh Irani
Head, Oxford Autoimmune Neurology Group; Associate Professor, Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences, University of Oxford