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Inflammation Affinity Group

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The remit of this group is to study mechanisms of inflammation and how these contribute to disease. Our interest ranges from the regulation of inflammation during pathogen infection, to mechanisms of sterile inflammation that contribute directly to disease pathogenesis. UK researchers have made outstanding contributions in this field and have great expertise and experience at their disposal. The aim of this affinity group is to strengthen the competitiveness of UK researchers in this area by bringing this expertise together through focussed meetings and to establish a network that facilitates collaboration. 

This group will be open to all members of the BSI with an interest in this area. The objective will be to hold an annual meeting on the topic or related theme, and to interact with other groups on topics of timeliness.

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Chair: Peter Barlow, Edinburgh Napier University
Treasurer: Joanne Konkel, University of Manchester 
Communications: Jack Rivers-Auty, University of Manchester

Committee members:
Cecile Benezech, University of Edinburgh
David Brough, University of Manchester
Jenna Cash, University of Edinburgh
Donald Davidson, University of Edinburgh
Douglas Gibson, University of Edinburgh
Emily Gwyer Findlay, University of Edinburgh
Rob Snelgrove, Imperial College London
Ryan Thwaites, Imperial College London


Contact the committee

Dr Peter Barlow 
Edinburgh Napier University
Tel: +44 (0)131 455 6167


The BSI’s two official journals, Immunology and Clinical & Experimental Immunology, are proud to have published many inflammation papers. 


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