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Molecular Immunology Affinity Group

We aim to promote the ‘molecular perspective’ on immunological questions, a perspective that has the potential to revolutionize our understanding of immunity. We hope to foster collaboration within and across traditional disciplinary boundaries, including cellular and molecular immunology and chemical biology. We welcome all new members with an interest in joining the conversation!

Currently we would like to welcome new committee members to help drive things forward. In particular we are looking for scientific bloggers/writers, who are hot on their literature, to join our team. 

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Leanne Minall

Kim Wals   

Thomas Wright

Other members

Dr Amin Moghaddam (Oxford University, UK)
Professor Quentin Sattentau (Oxford University, UK) 
Marc Vendrell, PhD (University of Edinburgh, UK)


Leanne Minall
University of Oxford
Tel: 01865 275 714



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