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Parasite Immunology Group

Parasitic infection (i.e. infection by protozoan or metazoan or multicellular pathogens) is the most successful mode of life on the planet and is responsible for much ill health and disease worldwide. Parasites are considered masters of  immune evasion and exploring the interplay between parasites and the immune system in both acute and chronic infection has advanced our fundamental understanding of  the immune system and mechanisms of disease.

Our group aims to further research into this area through focused meetings and sessions at the annual BSI congress.

We welcome new members interested in this area. Please contact for more information.


Richard Grencis

John Grainger

Advisory committee

Judi Allen

Kevin Couper

Kathryn Else


Professor Richard Grencis
University of Manchester
Tel: 0161 275 5238
Fax: 0161 275 5640


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