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BSI Midlands Immunology Group

Welcome to the page for immunology in the Midlands. We are a group of scientists, academics, clinicians and students at all levels that share a passion for researching how the immune system works. Our vision is to create a forum where we can showcase work from local immunologists and spark discussions with other established and budding immunologists. Please get in touch and contribute to the dialogue. 

Read our recent Immunology News article here on how we have widened our geographical scope and our exciting ongoing activities.

Please reach out to us if you would like to get involved in the committee.



Dr Rebecca Drumond

University of Birmingham


Prof Lucy Fairclough

University of Nottingham


Dr Martin Davey

University of Warwick


Dr Georgina Hopkins

University of Nottingham

Public Engagement Lead

Dr Scott Davies

University of Birmingham

Teaching Lead

Dr Naomi Martin

University of Nottingham


Dr Adam Wright

University of Leicester


Dr Ewan Ross

Aston University