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South Wales Immunology Group

The South Wales Immunology Group is a regional group of the British Society for Immunology. Its objective is to provide a forum for scientists to promote active discussions, enhance collaborations, and foster common immunological interests in the South of Wales and further afield. This is done in close interaction with the Institute of Infection and Immunity and the Systems Immunity Research Institute at Cardiff University.

We welcome all interested parties to our events, in particular students and those new to the region. Please contact us and join our mailing list to be informed about our seminar series of high-profile local, national and international researchers but also to learn about major immunological developments and current job vacancies.

Our seminars are open to anyone interested in immunology and, unless otherwise noted, are held are held every Wednesday at 1pm in the Main Seminar Room UG16, Henry Wellcome Building, Heath Park, Cardiff.

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13 September 2018
Katherine Kedzierska (Peter Doherty Institute, Melbourne, Australia) - Universal CD8+ T-cell responses to influenza virus across human life-span and tissue compartments

19 September 2018
Matthew Lewis & Zoltan Takats (Imperial College London)  - Metabolic profiling of biofluids and molecular imaging of tissues: strategy, technical practice, and applications in population health and clinical medicine -

26 September 2018
Rahul Roychoudhuri (Babraham Institute, Cambridge) - Molecular mechanisms of tolerance and immunosuppression 

3 October 2018
Marina Botto (Imperial College London) - C1q in health and disease – roles outside the complement system - 

17 October 2018
Bent Jacobsen (Immunocore, Oxford) - Annual Jonathan Boulter Memorial Lecture: 'Science never Sleeps' 

18 October 2018
Bent Jacobsen (Immunocore, Oxford) - ImmTACS-local rather than global warming 

22 October 2018
Tony Tiganis (Monash University, Melbourne, Australia) - Title TBC

24 October 2018
Ulrike Eggert (King's College London) - Title TBC

31 October 2018 
Emma Hamilton-Williams (University of Queensland, Australia) - Title TBC

7 November 2018
David Moyes (King's College London) - Title TBC

21 November 2018
Annie Speak (Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Cambridge) - Title TBC

28 November 2018
Santiago Rodriguez de Cordoba (University of Madrid, Spain) - Title TBC

5 December 2018
Robin May (University of Birmingham) - Title TBC

12 December 2018
Myriam Chimen (University of Birmingham) - Title BC



You Zhou
Cardiff University

Dr Ceri Fielding

Dr Rebecca Aicheler

Committee Member
Dr Matthias Eberl

Committee Member
Dr Ian Humphreys

Early Career Representative​ 
Wioleta Zelek 

Early Career Representative​
Jade Hawksworth

Early Career Representative​
Ariadni Kouzeli

Early Career Representative
Owen Moon


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You Zhou
Cardiff University

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Henry Wellcome Building
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