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West of Scotland Immunology Group

Welcome to the West of Scotland Immunology Group (WSIG), a Regional Group of immunologists supported by the British Society for Immunology. WSIG incorporates immunologists from four local universities: Glasgow, Strathclyde, Caledonian and West of Scotland. Each year we have a lively series of seminars from national and international speakers covering a wide range of immunology areas reflecting the diverse research at the four institutes. In addition to the seminar series, WSIG hosts an annual showcase highlighting two prominent immunologists’ research as well as providing a networking poster session for PhD students and early career researchers.

West of Scotland Immunology Group 20172018 Seminar Programme

All seminars take place at the Wolfson Medical Centre at Glasgow University.

Upcoming seminars

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Past seminars

  • Wednesday 27 September 2017

WSIG Showcase (including the Delphine Parrott Memorial Lecture)

Gut reactions: Immune pathways in the intestine in health and disease
Prof Fiona Powrie, Kennedy Institute, Oxford, UK

Early life polarization of type 2 immunity in the lung
Prof Bart Lambrecht, VIB0 University of Gent Centre for Inflammation Research, Belgium

  • Thursday 9 November 2017

B cell-stromal cell interactions drive lymphoid remodelling required for efficient immune responses against intestinal helminths
Prof Nicola Harris, EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland

  • Wednesday 17 January 2018

Industry/academia event and panel discussion

  • Friday 9 February 2018

Intracellular growth of Mycobacterium tuberculosis after macrophage death leads to serial killing of host cells
Dr Alex Sigal, Kwazulu-Natal Research Institute for Tuberculosis and HIV, South Africa

  • Thursday 15 February 2018

Therapeutic implications of cytokine signalling in chronic disease progression
Prof Simon Jones, Cardiff University, UK

  • Thursday 1 March 2018

Control of inflammation by microbiota
Dr Gérard Eberl, Institut Pasteur, Paris, France

News from the West of Scotland Immunology Group

Largo Library

Dr Megan MacLeod visited the Largo Library in Fife to talk to local children and their families. Using glitter and bug stickers, the children learnt how our immune cells find and destroy disease-causing bugs.



Madeline White and Graham Heieis

West of Scotland Immunology Showcase

On 27 September 2017, the West of Scotland Immunology Group (WSIG) kicked off a new year of events with a hugely successful Showcase at the University of Glasgow. Speakers were eminent mucosal immunologists Bart Lambrecht (University of Gent) and Fiona Powrie (Kennedy Institute & University of Oxford), who presented the 2017 Delphine Parrott Memorial Lecture. Prof Lambrecht discussed how environmental factors act in concert with lung dendritic cells to drive asthmatic responses. Prof Powrie presented work on the interplay between the host’s intestinal microbiota and immune cells in regulating gut immunity. The showcase was extremely well attended, with standing room only! Students and postdocs from across Scotland presented their work in a lively poster session with GU’s Madeline White and Graham Heieis wining prizes. The Showcase’s success highlights the exciting immunology research happening in the west of Scotland. Thanks to the BSI for their support and Oxford BioSystems for sponsorship. (By Slater Clay)


Middle of Scotland Science Festival (MoSSFest)

PhD student Heather MacKie along with other Glasgow University PhD students attended the MoSSFest (the Middle of Scotland Science Festival), which is an annual event that takes place in Mugdock Country Park. This year the group taught children about the cells that make and break our bones by decorating biscuits. It was a really rewarding day, with many children engaging and learning about bones in a fun and friendly environment.


The Alopecia Big Weekend

PhD Student Kym Bain and the chair of WSIG Prof Simon Milling gave talks at the Alopecia Big Weekend on the generation and use of an autoimmune alopecia biobank.


Parasite: Friend of Foe?

WSIG Committee members, Drs Felicity Lumb and James Doonan, organised the BSI funded exhibit “Parasite: Friend or Foe?” to be used at a school outreach. The Harnett lab groups led by Billy and Maggie Harnett from the Universities of Strathclyde and Glasgow, respectively, spent the morning at Westerton Primary School, teaching the primary 6 and 7s about worms and the hygiene hypothesis. The children were given a short presentation about the types of parasites that infect people and the diseases those people can suffer as a result of infection. The children were then taken round four stations to explore, the Hygiene Hypothesis Jigsaw Map, the Anatomy of an Infection Torso, the Parasite Arms Race board game and lastly (to much disgusted awe) allowed to observe our parasites under a microscope. Photos from this outreach work can be seen on the Harnett Lab website, Drugs from Bugs Facebook page and Twitter account.

Contact the West of Scotland Immunology Group

Dr Megan MacLeod
University of Glasgow
Tel: 0141 330 6968



Chair: Simon Milling
Secretary: Megan MacLeod
Treasurer: John Butcher




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