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Role description: Public Engagement Secretary

Role title: Public Engagement Secretary
Accountable to: Board of Trustees
Responsible for: Public engagement activities
Term of office: Four years

Scope and purpose

The role of the Public Engagement Secretary is to oversee the delivery and development of the BSI’s public engagement initiatives, working with members, trustees and key members of staff.   A core part of the Society’s strategy is to inform and engage the public to raise awareness and understanding of how the immune system functions, and how our members’ work helps to drive scientific understanding and improve human and animal health.

General responsibilities

The Public Engagement Secretary is a key role for the BSI, taking a lead for the Society on the delivery and development of our public engagement work. 

 The role-holder will work closely with the Head of Communications & Engagement, and the Policy & Public Engagement Officer to ensure that there is proper planning and thought given to our activities.  They will also ensure that members across the UK have an opportunity to take part in these projects, and that they meet our charitable purpose.   

       The Public Engagement Secretary is expected to:

  • To attend BSI Forum meetings (four per annum).
  • To attend the BSI Board of Trustees once a year to give an update on progress of activities.
  • To input to the Society’s strategic plans regarding public engagement.
  • To work with Society staff to advise on and oversee the implementation of the Society’s strategic plans on public engagement.
  • To ensure the mission and values of the Society are reflected in the public engagement activities.
  • To attend and contribute ideas to the development of public engagement initiatives such as events, digital products and partnerships with other bodies.
  • To identify areas of need, including incorporating feedback from members) in terms of public engagement issues and resources.
  • To represent the BSI and its public engagement activities to members and external bodies.
  • To oversee the Society’s Communicating Immunology grant scheme, including sitting on panel of judges

Person specification

  • Membership of the Society is required under the rules
  • A demonstrable commitment to the Society and to immunology
  • A passion for engaging with different audiences.
  • Good independent judgment and the ability to work effectively as a member of a team
  • A good knowledge of the UK public engagement landscape and experience in working on, delivering and evaluating public engagement initiatives
  • A strategic vision, with willingness to lead on the generation of ideas and their development, with support from BSI staff.
  • A willingness to engage with members, act as an ambassador for the BSI and promote its values and purpose.
  • A commitment to represent immunology in its broad interests rather than a personal viewpoint, and to ensure that the Society acts on behalf of all its members.



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