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Careers review: case studies

Immunologists pursue varied career paths, each following different routes to reach their destinations. Below we have a video in which a number of immunologists, past and present, discuss their careers, followed by case studies in which immunologists relate how they made decisions at various points in their career pathways and what skills they found useful along the way. 


Yvonne Borden

Yvonne completed a PhD and postdoc in immunology before deciding to move into publishing. 

Cecilia Johansson

Cecilia is a senior lecturer at Imperial College London.  Here, she discusses the challenges to maintaining a good work-life balance. 

Fane Mensah

Fane is a third year PhD student at University College London.  He discusses how important networking is in helping him to progress his studies. 

Ross Sadler

Ross tells us about the career path he followed to become a consultant clinical scientist. 

John Tregoning

John is a Senior Lecturer at Imperial College London. Here he talks about the skills that have got him where he is today and what is needed to progress up the career ladder.

Emily Gwyer Findlay

Emily is a Royal Society Dorothy Hodgkin Fellow at the University of Edinburgh. Here she discusses her experience of setting up her own independent lab.

Shannon Lacombe

Shannon is Policy & Public Engagement Officer at the British Society for Immunology. She discusses what made her decide to follow this career path after completing an MSc in immunology. 

William Branchett

William is a PhD student at Imperial College London.  Here, he discusses why he decided to undertake a PhD.