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Mentoring scheme case studies

The BSI mentoring scheme sees two immunologists, one a senior researcher, the other an early career researcher (ECR) paired up over the course of the year. They chat regularly via video conferencing, telephone, and face to face meetings. Topics covered can include career progression, grant writing, publishing, networking, and many other career and wellbeing issues. Below you will find some of the pairs from the 2020 scheme who have successfully taken part in it and here share their insights and experiences. 

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Mentor 1

Professor Ann Ager is the theme lead for inflammation at the School of Medicine at Cardiff University.

"It is very rewarding if you can assist an individual in coming to a decision about the next stage of their career."

Mentee 1

Dr Emily Gwyer Findlay is a research fellow at the Centre for Inflammation Research at the University of Edinburgh.

"I think everyone from PhD students to early career fellows would benefit from this scheme."

Mentee 2

Dr Julie Worrell is a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Institute of Infection, Immunity & Inflammation at the University of Glasgow.

"I would definitely recommend this mentoring scheme to my peers and colleagues. It has expanded my network, provided me with new and fresh perspectives and enhanced my professional development."