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Landscaping review of immunology careers

Two female researchers in labThe BSI, with assistance from Freshney Consulting, will be carrying out a landscaping review of immunology careers across the UK. Through conducting this review,  we hope to gain a greater understanding of the career pathway of immunologists, allowing us to identify the challenges they face and barriers they must overcome. With this knowledge, we will be able to assist our members with your career progression, supporting you at all stages throughout your career.

The project aims will be achieved through the completion of multiple tasks that include tracking authors of immunological based theses, analysis of the immunological workforce in the UK and the results of a immunological careers survey that will be sent out to all BSI members.

Regular updates on the progress of the review will be provided on this page to BSI members at appropriate milestones.

If you would like any more information regarding the project, please contact the BSI's Education & Careers Officer Glyn Jones.