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Online teaching resources

Here you will find an array of various online resources for teaching immunology. These range from YouTube videos to articles and posters on key topics. 

Useful articles:


YouTube video resources:


Focus on Immunotherapy:


Videos for specific laboratory techniques: 


Immunology Wars:

Immunology Wars is a new educational resource aimed at describing the basic functions of the immune system through the Star Wars movies. It was co-created by Dr Nigel Francis, who won the 2020 BSI Teaching Excellence Award, along with his colleagues at Swansea University Medical School. Immunology Wars is a new website and content will be appearing regularly, so please keep checking back to learn more. 

In pictures: A day in the life of a vaccine researcher:

On Monday 27 April 2020 during World Immunisation Week, we took to Instagram for a virtual public engagement event to showcase a day in the life of a vaccine researcher in pictures.
The diverse range of scientists involved illustrated some typical, and not so typical, days which were all intriguing, interesting and informative. Here we share the images and expand on the stories they tell, introducing 19 vaccine researchers as we uncover an insider look on a day in their life.

COVID-19 vaccine playlist:

Dr Nigel Francis, winner of the BSI Immunology Teaching Excellence Award in 2020 has this YouTube playlist with videos describing how COVID-19 vaccines work and describing the SARS-CoV-2 virus. 

Immunology Teaching and Learning Tools Hub: 

Swansea University Medical School has created this excellent teaching and learning resource hub around various topics including flow cytometry, lab safety & equipment and revision quizzes.