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Past events

E.g., 10/08/2022

Leolin Price Lecture Theatre 30 Guildford Street London WC1N 1EH

A course suitable for general paediatricians, providing an update of the recognition of primary immunodeficiency, management of immunocompromised patients, new immunomodulatory therapies, including monoclonal antibody therapies, and the science underlying these topics.

Berlin, Germany

FOCIS brings our most popular course to Europe again! The lectures cover the major topics in cellular and molecular immunology, including innate immunity, B cells, T cells, dendritic cells, cytokines and mucosal immunity. Other lectures cover autoimmune, allergic and immunodeficiency diseases, as well as new advances in interventional and clinical immunology and the molecular and genetic basis of immune-mediated diseases. All lecturers encourage interaction with the students through questions and discussions during lecture time. There is also ample opportunity for students to interact with the faculty outside the lecture room.

IGC Oeiras, Portugal

The 2nd FLxFlow Course will cover the fundamentals of flow cytometry technology and will build up the knowledge of the attendees through a series of lectures, exercises, practical examples and interactive learning.

This course is organised by 3 modules: Basic, Advanced and Hands-on.  This layout has been designed to build up knowledge of flow cytometry to ensure that the attendees are confident to design, carry out, analyse and present their flow cytometry data.

Bioscience Technology Facility The University of York Wentworth Way Heslington York YO10 5DD

An intensive, hands-on, four-day training course in the varied techniques using flow cytometry.