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Protecting the world: Celebrating 200 years of UK vaccine research

This International Day of Immunology, the British Society for Immunology has published our new report, ‘Protecting the world: 200 years of vaccine research'. You can download a full copy of the report here

Through new analysis and expert interview, this report reviews the UK's outstanding contribution to vaccine research and how this has improved global health. It also looks at future challenges that must be overcome to speed up the vaccine development pipeline to bring new vaccines to tackle existing and emerging diseases.

We hope that our members will read the report and circulate it to others. In light of the upcoming Gavi replenishment conference which aims to raise funds to immunise 300 million children globally and save 7 million lives, we hope this report will highlight the critical role that the immunology community plays in delivering these benefits and why long-term strategic funding of vaccine research is critical.

Download the full report

We have also set up a social media toolkit with a range of resources you can use to show your support for the report. Follow @britsocimm for updates during the day and join the conversation with the official hashtags #ProtectingTheWorld and #CelebrateVaccines.


  1. A rich tradition of life-saving research

  2. Two centuries of pioneering research​

  3. Over 200 years of vaccination 1750 - 2025

  4. UK research is leading the world

  5. An ecosystem for innovation

  6. Working together for global health

  7. Vital partners in the journey from lab to clinic

  8. Facing the future

  9. Developing the next generation of vaccines

  10. The hunt for a COVID-19 vaccine

  11. Protecting the health of the world