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Over 200 years of vaccination 1750 - 2025


1774  Benjamin Jesty, a farmer from Devon, inoculates his family against smallpox using cowpox material (UK)
1796  British doctor Edward Jenner uses material taken from cowpox lesions to create the  first smallpox vaccine and two years later publishes his first work describing smallpox vaccines (UK)


1896 Almroth Wright introduces a typhoid vaccine for troops1836  English doctor Edward Ballard introduces a more potent smallpox vaccination (UK)
1853  Introduction of compulsory smallpox vaccination for babies in England (UK)
1879  Louis Pasteur develops the first bacterial vaccine against cholera (France)
1891  English physician S. Monkton Copeman uses glycerine as a germicide in vaccines to increase safety (UK)
1896  Almroth Wright introduces a typhoid vaccine for troops (UK)


1923  Alexander Glenny and Barbara Hopkins develop a new type of diptheria vaccine (UK)
1933  Scientists at the Medical Research Council develop a new flu vaccine, first used to protect soldiers in World War II (UK)
1947  Global influenza surveillance program established (UK)
1958  Sam Katz tests the first measles vaccine (USA)
1986  First vaccine produced by genetic engineering techniques approved for hepatitis B (Chile/USA)
1988  MMR vaccination rolled out across the UK


2002  Polio eliminated from Europe
2006  First vaccine approved for human papillomavirus, which causes a range of cancers
2015  Programme to vaccinate all newborn babies against meningitis B starts in the UK
2019  First Ebola vaccine prequalified by World Health Organization for rapid rollout in affected countries

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