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Thank you

With special thanks to the following for their expertise, advice, and input in constructing this report:

Professor Adam Cunningham Professor of Functional Immunity at the University of Birmingham
Dr Beth Holder Lecturer in Maternal and Fetal Health at Imperial College London
Professor Beate Kampmann Professor of Paediatric Infection & Immunity at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine
Dr Stephen Lockhart Vice President, Vaccine Clinical R&D Europe and Asia-Pacific Head, Pfizer
Professor Peter Openshaw Professor of Experimental Medicine at Imperial College London
Professor Faith Osier Professor of Malaria Immunology at the University of Oxford
Professor Andrew Pollard Professor of Paediatric Infection and Immunity at the University of Oxford
Professor Robin Shattock Head of Mucosal Infection and Immunity within the Department of Infectious Diseases at Imperial College London
Dr John S Tregoning Reader in Respiratory Infections at Imperial College London
Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry Vaccine Group 

We would like to thank the following organisations who have helped to make this report possible:

Digital Science for much of the data, First Create The Media for the written content & project management, and Qube Design for the design work.