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Our Heroic Bodies

This collection of scientifically accurate drawings celebrates the unexpected beauty of our immune system at a tiny scale and includes images of our heroic white blood cells and bacteria and viruses for which we have vaccines against. These illustrations are for all ages to relax and add colour to bring drawings to life while learning about vaccine immunology.

For World Immunisation Week 2020 we held a colouring competition! Thank you to everyone who joined in, all entries were brilliant and made it a tough decision. Congratulations to our winners Ezra, Jessie, Lucy, Kenn and Jude. Check out their much deserved winning entries below. Thank you to our judge BSI member, Louisa James.

We always love to see your creations, please do share on social media, tag us @britsocimm and use #CelebrateVaccines.

Clicking on the link opens a full PDF document for printing. 

Download and print Our Heroic Bodies

Don’t have a printer ? Not to worry! You can try tracing from a computer screen or copying the drawings onto paper. The separate JPG files below open on Paint so you can colour in digitally. 

1.Introduction and about the author

2. Blood cells text and illustration 

3. White blood cells text and illustration 

4. Phagocytosis text and illustration

5. Antibodies text and illustration 

6. Bacteria: Diphtheria text and illustration 

7. Bacteria: Tetanus text and illustration

8. Bacteria: Whooping cough text and illustration 

9. Virus: Measles text and illustration 

10. Virus: Mumps text and illustration

11. Virus: Rubella text and illustration

12. Edward Jenner & Flu virus text and illustration 

Drawings and writing have been created for the British Society for Immunology by scientist-turned-artist Dr Lizzie Burns