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Connect on Coronavirus: BSI published research

Here you can find international COVID-19 research that has been published in the Society’s official journals, Clinical & Experimental Immunology (CEI) and ImmunologyWe have also produced summaries of the research for a general public audience, exploring why and how the research was conducted, what the results can tell us and what further work is needed. 

Clinical & Experimental Immunology

Innate immunity during SARS‐CoV‐2: evasion strategies and activation trigger hypoxia and vascular damage
S. Amor, L. Fernández Blanco, D. Baker

How does innate immunity contribute to severe disease in COVID-19?

First published 26 September 2020

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Vaccines for COVID-19
J. S. Tregoning, E. S. Brown, H. M. Cheeseman, K. E. Flight, S. L. Higham, N.‐M. Lemm, B. F. Pierce, D. C. Stirling, Z. Wang, K. M. Pollock

First published 15 September 2020

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Factors determining COVID‐19 pneumonia severity in a country with routine BCG vaccination
K. Aksu, T. Naziroğlu & P. Özkan

COVID-19 pneumonia severity and BCG vaccination.

First published 19 August 2020

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Characteristics and roles of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2‐specific antibodies in patients with different severities of coronavirus 19
Z. Huang, H. Chen, M. Xue, H. Huang, P. Zheng, W. Luo, X. Liang, B. Sun & N. Zhong

SARS-CoV-2 antibodies in COVID-19 patients

First published 24 July 2020

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COVID‐19 vaccine‐readiness for anti‐CD20‐depleting therapy in autoimmune diseases
D. Baker, C.A.K Roberts, G. Pryce, A. S. Kang, M. Marta, S. Reyes, K. Schmierer, G. Giovannoni & S. Amor

How do immunotherapy treatments for autoimmune diseases affect the response to COVID-19 and a potential vaccine?

First published 16 July 2020

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Using IL‐2R/lymphocytes for predicting the clinical progression of patients with COVID‐19
H. Hou, B. Zhang, H. Huang, Y. Luo, S. Wu, G. Tang, W. Liu, L. Mao, L. Mao, F. Wang & Z. Sun.

Study indicates testing COVID-19 patients for particular proteins could help predict later disease severity. 

First published 4 May 2020

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Quantitative and qualitative alterations of circulating myeloid cells and plasmacytoid DC in SARS‐CoV‐2 infection
Peruzzi, B., Bencini, S., Capone, M., Mazzoni, A., Maggi, L., Salvati, L., Vanni, A., Orazzini, C., Nozzoli, C., Morettini, A., Poggesi, L., Pieralli, F., Peris, A., Bartoloni, A., Vannucchi, A.M., Liotta, F., Caporale, R., Cosmi, L. and Annunziato, F.

Changes to immune cells in patients with COVID-19

First published 01 September 2020

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T‐cell responses and therapies against SARS‐CoV‐2 infection 
S.M. Toor, R. Saleh, V. Sasidharan Nair, R.Z. Taha & E. Elkord

How do T cells respond to SARS-CoV-2, and could we target them in treatments for COVID-19?

First published 15 September 2020

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Viruses and asthma: the role of common respiratory viruses in asthma and its potential meaning for SARS‐CoV‐2
N. Novak and B. Cabanillas

Review of the relationship between SARS-CoV-2 infection and asthma.

First published 20 July 2020

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Immunopathological characteristics of coronavirus disease 2019 cases in Guangzhou, China
M. Tan, Y. Liu, R. Zhou, X. Deng, F. Li, K. Liagn & Y. Shi. ​

Study of immune response in COVID-19 patients points to key indicators of disease severity.

First published 27 May 2020

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The early landscape of COVID‐19 vaccine development in the UK and rest of the world.
H.R. Sharpe, C. Gilbride, E. Allen, S. Belij‐Rammerstorfer, C. Bissett, K. Ewer & T. Lambe.​​

Review of the progress made so far in the development of a vaccine for COVID-19.

First published 27 May 2020

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