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Connect on Coronavirus: wellbeing support and resources

Welcome to the British Society for Immunology's wellbeing page. This resource has been developed in order to help support you during the coronavirus pandemic and beyond. It is more important than ever before to look after your wellbeing and mental health and the resources and links below should help you do this. You will find a variety of topics from how to effectively work from home to coping strategies as the world moves out of lockdown. The page is designed for any laboratory-based scientists who are now working from home or redeployed elsewhere, with a particular emphasis on early career researchers (ECRs).

Please spread the word about this resource to your friends and colleagues and any suggestions for additions to the page are more than welcome. You can contact our Education & Careers Officer, Eolan Healy or tag us @britsocimm

BSI Career Development Webinar: Your wellbeing during the COVID-19 period
The session took place on Tuesday 2 June 2020  and was presented by Executive Coach, Alexis Hutson. A recording is available for BSI members to watch here. To access it, please log in to the members' area of the website first. 

Wellbeing and mental health:

Working from home:

Careers advice:

  • The BSI has an extensive careers section on our website with a wide range of resources and tools to help you develop your career further.
  • Check out the BSI jobs board for some of the latest vacancies in the world of immunology.
  • The BSI also advertises funding opportunities that lists current grants and schemes by other societies, associations and organisations.
  • Nature Careers - one of the world’s leading sources of information for all things related to careers in the science and medical fields.
  • In 2017 the BSI undertook a careers review of the field of immunology in the UK, providing a snapshot of the immunology workforce in order to create a platform for further research and investigation.
  • Check out the BSI’s Guides and Resources section tailored for both undergraduates and postgraduates.
  • Coping with change is an important skill to gain in furthering your career. Mind Tools’ transition model to doing just that is a must for anyone.
  • The BSI undertook a webinar series supporting career development in 2020. Why not check it out and gain insights into many topics from grant writing to public engagement and on to publishing a paper. 

Early Career Researchers (ECRs):

  1. Building resilience – Cecilia Johannsson and John Tregoning
  2. Networking & building an online presence – Dan Brayson 
  3. Transitioning to independence – Viki Male
  • Mentoring is a very useful approach to help those in the early stages of their career or to get through difficult situations and times. The BSI is now in its fourth year of running a mentoring scheme, in which a ECR is paired with a senior researcher in the field of immunology. Some universities offer their own mentoring schemes as do other societies or academies such as the one offered by the Academy of Medical Sciences. We would advise you to look up the scheme in your institution for support at this time. Also check out this useful guide to mentoring during the COVID-19 crisis from Nature.
  • Executive coach, Alexis Hutson, who works regularly with the BSI, has created this useful guide to supporting mentoring relationships during the lockdown period.