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Report: Long-term immunological health consequences of COVID-19

Front cover of report on Long-term immunological health consequences of COVID-19

Published 13 August 2020

Our taskforce have published a new expert briefing note which rapidly reviews current research on the long-term immunological health consequences of COVID-19 and sets out the key recommendations for future research.

The briefing note outlines three recommendations to help understand what SARS-CoV-2 and our immune response to it does to our health over the long term in a range of individuals, from asymptomatic to severe cases. A better understanding of the immunological health effects after COVID-19 infection is crucial to prevent placing an additional burden on the NHS in the future.


  1. To urgently establish long-term cohort studies and research programmes to track durability of the immune response and long-term disease consequences in COVID-19 patients.

  2. To undertake a multidisciplinary approach with input from various fields, including immunology and respiratory medicine, to understand the pathologies of the diverse chronic symptoms from a range of patients recovered from COVID-19, from asymptomatic to severe infection.

  3. To focus on understanding the underlying biological mechanisms that drive the longer-term immunological health consequences of COVID-19 which will aid to establish new therapeutic options and avoid a new and substantial care-burden on the NHS