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Vaccine engagement starts at home

With COVID-19 vaccine rollout underway, there has never been a more important time for researchers to engage with the public around vaccination by listening and addressing common questions and concerns. BSI members and the wider research community are ideally placed to be expert sources of knowledge in these dialogues.

Getting started in these conversations can seem daunting, so here we have collated a variety of great resources from the BSI to support you in raising your voice. These resources are free for everyone and we encourage BSI members to use these materials as part of their public engagement activities.

We can all be positive role models for vaccination within our family and friendship networks and wider communities – great engagement starts at home!

#ExploreVaccines – get involved!

On Thursday 25 March, we held a mass online public engagement day to explore how COVID-19 vaccines work and the importance of vaccination. It was a fantastic start but the conversation on COVID-19 vaccines is not over! 

In our #ExploreVaccines campaign, we are calling on BSI members to join us in strengthening public understanding of COVID-19 vaccines by offering your personal experiences of vaccination, engaging with your community and sharing informative resources each Thursday. This is your chance to gather as a strong community and get involved in a meaningful and critical movement!

Go to the campaign page 


Find your way to #ExploreVaccines

There are many ways to play a role in informing the public about COVID-19 vaccination. To help you in this journey, we have developed five characters that we believe exemplify different aspects of effective public engagement. Learn more about each character and discover what role you can play.

Remember to use the official hashtag #ExploreVaccines, tag @britsocimm on Twitter or Instagram & get posting every Thursday! 

Case studies from BSI members

Our 'Vaccine engagement starts...' series showcases examples of how BSI members can be positive ambassadors for COVID-19 vaccinations. Our hope is that, through highlighting a range of the wonderful and impactful activities our members have been carrying out, others will be inspired to begin engaging with the public on vaccines. Explore these case studies to find inspiration. 

Vaccine engagement starts… 

COVID-19 vaccine conversations webinars

Engaging with the public around COVID-19 vaccinations can seem daunting, so we have created these webinars for BSI members and other researchers to increase their skills and confidence and discover different ways to be vaccine ambassadors.

In these webinars, our speakers discuss their experiences of engaging with the public and answer questions on how to listen to and address people’s concerns on vaccines, deal with uncertainty and have constructive conversations about vaccination. 

Watch our COVID-19 vaccine conversations webinars 

How to discuss vaccines for COVID-19 with the public

We've put together some top tips for approaching conversations about COVID-19 vaccines in a constructive way. The aim of these tips is to encourage immunologists to have the confidence to talk about vaccines for COVID-19 with a wide range of audiences in a context of public engagement e.g. during a science festival related activity, online engagement on social media, talking to family and friends and sharing information with communities.

Read our top tips for discussing vaccines for COVID-19 with the public 

COVID-19 vaccine resources

As part of our Connect on Coronavirus initiative, we've created a variety of COVID-19 resources suitable for all ages and abilities.

A guide to vaccinations for COVID-19

Free, easy to read guide on vaccinations for COVID-19 for a public audience. Answers common questions and provides up-to-date information on the current approved COVID-19 vaccinations in the UK.


Types of vaccines for COVID-19

Discover our new infographics about how genetic vaccines, including the Pfizer BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine, and viral vector vaccines, such as the University of Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine, work.


COVID-19 vaccine Q&A videos 

Informative videos asking public COVID-19 vaccine questions to our immunology expert members. Catch up on all five videos.


COVID-19 vaccine Q&A special: fertility, pregnancy and breastfeeding 

Engaging video with Dr Viki Male, expert in reproduction and pregnancy immunology, taking public questions.


How have vaccines for COVID-19 been developed so fast? 

Informative infographic explaining how scientists were able to develop vaccines for COVID-19 at a much faster pace during this emergency.


Why do we need multiple doses of a vaccine?  

A short accessible animation to explain why we need multiple doses of a vaccine and how immune memory is boosted by a second dose.


COVID-19, immunity and vaccines 

Infographic and video explaining how vaccines generate long-term immunity and how an effective COVID-19 vaccine might work.

Other vaccine resources

Celebrate Vaccines is the British Society for Immunology's campaign to champion the critical role of vaccination and vaccine research in advancing global health. As part of this initiative we've created infographics, animations, activity packs and more to get the public interested and informed about vaccine immunology.

What's in a vaccine? 

Engaging infographic explaining the different ingredients found in vaccines.


More informative infographics 

Variety of infographics explaining different aspects of how vaccines work and how they protect against disease. 


Vaccine animations 

Videos explaining how vaccines work, how new vaccines are developed, and the positive impact of vaccines in improving global health. 


Hands-on activities

These packs contain various games and fun activities to explore how vaccines teach our immune system to protect us from disease. This collection is suitable for all ages and comes with facilitator instructions and guides of materials needed and how to run the activities.


Colouring activities

This collection of scientifically accurate drawings celebrates the unexpected beauty of our immune system and includes images of our heroic white blood cells and bacteria and viruses for which we have vaccines against. These illustrations are for all ages to relax while learning about vaccine immunology.


Educational resources: how the immune system works and the importance of vaccines

These educational materials, including interactive and experimental activities, are for students aged 7 to 14. Aimed to be delivered as a classroom 45-minute workshop but suitable for home teaching, these packs include PowerPoint presentations, facilitator guides, resources and student handouts for printing. 


A guide to childhood vaccinations 

The guide explains how vaccines work and how they effectively protect families from disease, as well as up-to-date information on the current vaccination schedule for children in the UK. The guide is available to download or read online.


Social media toolkit 

A #CelebrateVaccines social media toolkit for Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. A range of resources you can use to show your support for vaccines and engage others in this important conversation online. 

More information

  • For further public information about immunology, including our online educational resource BiteSized Immunology, check out our webpage with public information.
  • We've collated a list of lots more resources for COVID-19 engagement from our members and from other organisations on this page.