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#ExploreVaccines: what are BSI members doing?

As part of our 'Vaccine engagement starts at home' initiative, we are ramping up our efforts to provide you with the necessary support to engage with the public. With our new #ExploreVaccines campaign, we are calling on BSI members to join us in our mission to strengthen public understanding of vaccinations for COVID-19.

There are many ways to play a role in informing the public about COVID-19 vaccination. Each person will have their own approach and style so here, we want to give you some examples of the many different ways in which BSI members are already using their expert voice to get involved in these vital dialogues. Support fellow members and amplify the message by sharing these videos, blogs, webinars and other excellent resources.

We are still in the process of collecting ideas for this page! If you know about a public engagement activity from a BSI member around COVID-19 vaccines that hasn't yet been mentioned here, please get in touch with Erika Aquino, BSI Public Engagement Manager.

Dr Faith Uwadiae
Dr Faith Uwadiae, from the Francis Crick Institute, has joined #TeamHalo, a new initiative to celebrate the collaboration between scientists all over the world to help end the pandemic with safe and effective vaccines. As part of this, she uses TikTok to communicate facts about vaccines and COVID-19 in a simple and creative way.
Dr Donald Palmer, from the Royal Veterinary College, has presented at several community meetings in his local area and contributed to a COVID-19 health webinar organised by Jamaican Diaspora UK to raise awareness about how the immune system works and why we need vaccinations. 
Dr Nigel Francis, from Swansea University, has created a series of accessible videos on YouTube about the immunology of COVID-19 vaccines. Watch the short videos here to learn more.
Lois Mason, from the University of Glasgow, has created an interactive animation about vaccines and the immune system. Watch here to understand how vaccination saves lives.
Dr Louise Topping
Dr Louise Topping, from the University of Oxford, has volunteered as a Patient Advocate with St John Ambulance, which focuses on the welfare of patients pre and post COVID-19 vaccine. She hopes to address any concerns and instil confidence in patients getting their vaccination.
Professor Sheena Cruickshank featured on the second COVID-19 expert panel live Q&A on The Cosmic Shambles Network YouTube channel and you can catch up with the show here
Dr Daniel Patten
Dr Daniel Patten, from the University of Birmingham, and Dr Craig Russell, from Aston University, have written an insightful blog tackling common concerns about vaccines for COVID-19, sorting fact from fiction.
Professor Daniel Davis featured on a COVID-19 expert panel live Q&A on The Cosmic Shambles Network YouTube channel, hosted by comedian and broadcaster, Robin Ince. You can watch again as experts answered questions sent in from the audience. 
​​​Dayana Hristova has set-up up a fun and informative science education YouTube channel Rhymes & Scribbles. Watch 'Our Guardian Immunity' for a fun and easy to understand explanation of immunity.

Professor Adrian Liston, from the Babraham Institute, has written a children's book which explains All About Coronavirus in an engaging, accessible way. He has also worked with Dr Simon Andrews to develop VirusBreak, a simulation game which allows users to explore how virus properties and vaccination measures can affect the spread of an outbreak.