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Yvonne Bordon

Name: Dr Yvonne Bordon

Current role: Senior Editor with Nature Reviews Immunology, a monthly reviews journal that is part of the Nature Research family and is the world’s top immunology journal in terms of impact factor. The editorial team is based in London.

Previous career: My PhD was awarded by the University of Glasgow in 2007 for a thesis on ‘The role of the D6 chemokine receptor in immunity and inflammation’.

“I have many fond memories from my time in the lab and will always be grateful to the Medical Research Council for their funding and to my supervisors (Professor Allan Mowat and Professor Rob Nibbs) for their support and encouragement. However, I realised during the course of my PhD and postdoc that a career in academic research wasn’t something I was cut out for. Despite this, I was keen to stay involved in immunology in some capacity. I had developed a real passion for the subject and was saddened by the thought of no longer being involved in the field.

“With this in mind, I decided to explore opportunities in scientific editing. If I’m completely honest, I didn’t really appreciate what this entailed and I was pretty lucky in obtaining the first job I applied for — an editorial role with Nature Reviews Immunology. Seven years later, I am still with the same journal and really love my job. I think it is perfect for someone who enjoys reading about the latest immunology research on a daily basis, but doesn’t have the resilience to be the one generating the data themselves!

“For me, a highlight of my job is producing high quality literature that helps to disseminate scientific knowledge and ideas. I enjoy the sense of completion when you send an article to press – in the lab I was always questioning and revisiting my data. Finally, it’s thrilling to travel to international conferences and to meet (and ultimately work with) many of the top immunologists from around the world.”