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BSI elections open

BSI elections open on Tuesday 3 April for the two new positions of Early Career Trustees and the vacancies for an England Representative and an Early Career Representative on Forum. 

To register your votes in this election, all eligible BSI members* will receive an email on Tuesday 3 April from the Electoral Reform Services, an independent provider who ensure our elections are run to the highest standards. This email will contain a personalised security code through which you can find out more about the candidates for each position and register your votes.  Each security code will only be sent out once, so please look out for this email. 

We encourage all eligible BSI members* to vote. Your elected representatives will make numerous decisions on your behalf about the BSI’s priorities and activities, so engaging with the elections genuinely does make a difference. The voting period closes at 17:00 on Friday 27 April.

The appointment of all uncontested positions advertised in our previous round of committee nominations has already been announced. If you have colleagues who would like to vote in the upcoming election, but are not yet BSI members, they will still be able to vote if they sign up to become a BSI member* by Monday 16 April.  If you have any queries, please contact Sarah Green


*Voting is open to all paid categories of membership. Please note, this excludes undergraduate members and low income economy overseas members who do not have to pay a membership fee. 





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