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Celebrating Immunology at 60

Immunology cover

The BSI is immensely proud of its official journal, Immunology. Launched in 1958, the publication remains one of the longest-standing and most respected journals in the immunology field. It continues its long history of publishing cutting-edge immunological research and in-depth review articles to this day.

This year, we are celebrating Immunology’s 60th anniversary. Launched under the leadership of John Marrack, with key figures from the world of immunology such as Av Mitchison, Philip Gell and Robin Coombs on the editorial board, Immunology sought to provide a home for the then embryonic field of immunological research.

The early volumes of Immunology include seminal works from Nobel laureates and many of the other key thinkers of the period including Peter Medawar, John Humphrey, Martin Raff, Baruj Benacerraf and Peter Gorer. This December, we celebrate the work published in Immunology with a series of articles reflecting on the contributions of the journal to the study of immunology over the years.

We start by looking in more detail at the contribution of the journal to the advancement of immunological knowledge over the past 60 years by focusing on some highlights, past and present, and look to the future as Immunology continues to seek and publish the best work at the cutting edge of the field. 


Read 'Immunology at 60'


Next, we present a collection celebrating our 20 most highly-cited papers of all time, and featuring work spanning the six decades since Immunology was launched.


Browse the Immunology top 20 papers


Finally, we present ‘Hats off to Immunology’, an interview with Professor Martin Raff. Professor Raff’s seminal Immunology paper outlines how his research into lymphocytes led to his successful identification of Thy-1 as the marker for T cells, which forms the foundation to so much of our knowledge today. Here, he talks to current Editor-in-Chief Danny Altmann about T cells and B cells, how to teach immunology, and the enduring importance of a good title.

Read 'Hats off to Immunology


Immunology has been supporting the work of the BSI since 1958. Profits derived from the sale of the journal are invested back into the BSI, providing major financial support for the Society's activities – including our travel grants, regional and affinity groups meetings, BSI Congress and more. Find out more about submitting to Immunology here: Call for Submissions.

We hope you enjoy these collected articles, and consider submitting your next paper to Immunology!



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