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Immunology on BBC Radio 4 Today

Immunology has featured prominently on BBC Radio 4 Today programme this morning (8 February).  Science Editor Tom Feilden interviewed BSI President Peter Openshaw, alongside BSI members David Brough, Dan Davis, Mala Maini and Alan Melcher. They discussed how our increased understanding of how the immune system functions is leading to exciting new clinical applications, bringing benefits to patients with a range of immune-related conditions including cancer and autoimmune diseases. 

UK readers can listen to the full interview via the BBC iPlayer.  Two features on immunology appear in the programme: at 1hr 32mins, where you can hear from Peter Openshaw, David Brough, Dan Davis, Mala Maini and Alan Melcher, and 2hr 44mins into the recording, which features a live interview with Professor Sir John Bell. 




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