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Joint virtual issue: A collaboration with the Biochemical Society

Celebrating increasing collaboration between societies, the British Society for Immunology and the Biochemical Society have created this co-curated interdisciplinary collection. All articles are free to access online until 6 April 2019.  

This collection combines articles from both the BSI’s journals, Immunology and Clinical & Experimental Immunology, and the Biochemical Society journals. It features key topics across the field of immunology that greatly benefit from interdisciplinary thinking and collaboration, including autoimmunity, immune cell development, immunometabolism and inflammation

With this joint issue we emphasize the need for interdisciplinary collaboration for scientific advancement and innovation. We believe that connecting different disciplines and solving problems with a holistic approach is crucial to meeting future challenges and improving health and well-being. We hope to encourage sustained collaboration between scientists and across different organisations to ensure continued progress in the life sciences field. 

We hope you enjoy reading this collection of articles. You can promote collaboration and share this collection with your colleagues on Twitter by clicking here.

Read the complete collection here




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