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BSI Teaching Affinity Group

The new BSI Teaching Affinity Group launched in September 2022 and is a forum to enable those active in immunology teaching at higher education institutes to come together to discuss activities relevant to teaching and learning. Activities of the group will include:

  • workshops, webinars and events to increase innovation and share best practice in the teaching of immunology 
  • contribution to the BSI Congress through education-specific sessions and posters
  • sharing information and learnings with teaching colleagues, including through mentorship. 
  • examining best practice around defining an immunology curriculum for scientists and clinicians

We aim to be an accessible group for all BSI members involved in immunology higher education and to increase the profile of teaching within the wider immunology community. 

If you are interested in getting involved with any of the group's events or activities please contact the committee members on their email addresses below. You can also add the group to your membership profile to highlight your interest in it – please log in to do so. 

Follow @BSI_teaching on Twitter/X to stay up to date.



John Curnow, University of Plymouth


Nigel Francis, Cardiff University 


Becky Aicheler, Cardiff Metropolitan University


Owen Kavanagh, York, St. John University


Bronwen Burton, University of Bristol

Curriculum Lead,

Anna Furmanski, University of Oxford

Assessment Lead,

Naomi Martin, University of Nottingham

Early Career Representative,

Sean Holm, Swansea University

International Representative,

Schammim Ray Amith, University of Toronto

BSI Education & Careers Secretary (ex officio),

Donald Palmer, Royal Veterinary College

BSI Engagement and Careers Officer (ex-officio),

Chris Snowden-Smith, British Society for Immunology