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Cancer Immunology Virtual Issue

In celebration of World Cancer Day, the British Society for Immunology is pleased to present a new virtual issue on cancer immunology.

The role of the immune system in the progression and development of cancer is an important and growing field, covering topics such as immunotherapy treatment, immunosurveillance and immunoediting. In this virtual issue we have come of the recent articles from the BSI's official journals Immunology and Clinical and Experimental Immunology which highlight key topics in the field and cutting edge research into cancer immunology.

The collection features research and reviews on topics such as developing immunotherapy, checkpoint inhibitors, cancer vaccination and the role of regulatory T cells.

All articles have been published in 2018 and 2019 and they're free to read online.

We hope you enjoy reading this collection of articles and we encourage you to share this using the hashtag #WorldCancerDay and looping in @CEIjournal and @immjournal.

Figure from TIGIT as an emerging immune checkpoint

TIGIT as an emerging immune checkpoint
H. Harjunpää & C. Guillerey​​

Immunotherapies based on PD‐1/PD‐L1 pathway inhibitors in ovarian cancer treatment
A. Pawłowska, D. Suszczyk, K. Okła, B. Barczyński, J. Kotarski & I. Wertel​​

Anti‐nuclear antibodies in patients with breast cancer​
R. Nisihara, M. C. C. Machoski, A. Neppel, C. A. Maestri, I. Messias‐Reason & T. L. Skare​​

Upregulation of PD‐1 follows tumour development in the AOM/DSS model of inflammation‐induced colorectal cancer in mice
M. Yassin, Z. Sadowska, D. Djurhuus, B. Nielsen, P. Tougaard, J. Olsen & A. E. Pedersen

Figure from Macrophage targeting: opening new possibilities for cancer immunotherapy




Investigation of factors influencing the immunogenicity of hCG as a potential cancer vaccine
N. Kvirkvelia, N. Chikadze, J. Makinde, J. D. McBride, N. Porakishvili, F. A. Hills, P. M. Martensen, J. Justesen, P. J. Delves, T. Lund & I. M. Roitt​

Macrophage targeting: opening new possibilities for cancer immunotherapy
L. Cassetta & T. Kitamura​​


Figure from Intratumoral regulatory T cells: markers, subsets and their impact on anti‐tumor immunity

Intratumoral regulatory T cells: markers, subsets and their impact on anti-tumor immunity
H. Yano, L. P. Andrews, C. J. Workman & D. A. A. Vignali

Treg programming and therapeutic reprogramming in cancer
M. A. Moreno Ayala, Z. Li & M. DuPage​​

ImmTAC/Anti‐PD‐1 antibody combination to enhance killing of cancer cells by reversing regulatory T‐cell‐mediated immunosuppression
H. Zhang, Y. Li, X. Liu, Z. Liang, M. Yan, Q. Liu, A. Chen, Y. Bao, C. Zhou, S. Li, C. Yee & Yi Li

TNF‐derived peptides inhibit tumour growth and metastasis through cytolytic effects on tumour lymphatics
W. Lu, Y. Wang ,Q. Zhang, S. Owen, M. Green, T. Ni, M. Edwards, Y. Li, L. Zhang, A. Harris, J‐L. Li, D. G. Jackson & S. Jiang


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