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Celebrate Vaccines Virtual Issue

Vaccination is one of our great medical advances. By dramatically reducing worldwide mortality and morbidity and saving millions from severe illness, vaccines are one of the most important medical advances in history. Effective vaccination has become so widespread that many have started to forget the scale of suffering caused by previously common infections. There is now renewed focus on the importance of vaccines for protecting global health, brought into sharper focus by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Celebrate Vaccines is the BSI's contribution to that message. Through this campaign, launched in March 2020, we are championing the critical role of vaccination and vaccine research in advancing global health, and we're continuing this conversation throughout World Immunization Week 2021, which takes place this year from 24-30 April. World Immunization Week is the World Health Organization initiative dedicated to raising awareness of the role vaccines play in protecting people of all ages against disease.

As part of this important advocacy work, we’ve highlighted some of the best recent vaccine research in our journals Immunotherapy AdvancesClinical & Experimental Immunology and Immunology*.

In this ‘Vaccines Virtual Issue’ you can access recently published reviews and original papers for free. Our aim is to provide a resource showcasing high quality work in this critically important field, and to celebrate the contributions that vaccines have made to our lives.

We hope you enjoy reading this collection of articles and we encourage you to share this using the hashtag #VaccinesWork and looping in @IMTadvances@CEIjournal and @immjournal.

Figure from Recent advances in immunotherapies against infectious diseases

Immunotherapy Advances

D. Ramamurthy T. Nundalall S. Cingo N. Mungra M. Karaan K. Naran S. Barth
A. Miquel‐Clopés  E. G. Bentley  J. P. Stewart  S. R. Carding
D. Baker  C. A. K. Roberts  G. Pryce  A. S. Kang  M. Marta  S. Reyes  K. Schmierer  G. Giovannoni  S. Amor
K. Aksu  T. Naziroğlu  P. Özkan
S. C. Jordan
Figure from Novel approaches for the design, delivery and administration of vaccine technologies

Novel approaches for the design, delivery and administration of vaccine technologies
J. Wallis D. P. Shenton R. C. Carlisle

Differences in nasal immunoglobulin A responses to influenza vaccine strains after live attenuated influenza vaccine (LAIV) immunization in children
P. J. Turner  A. F. Abdulla  M. E. Cole  R. R. Javan  V. Gould  M. E. O'Driscoll  J. Southern  M. Zambon  E. Miller  N. J. Andrews  K. Höschler  J. S. Tregoning

Emerging viruses and current strategies for vaccine intervention
B. Afrough  S. Dowall  R. Hewson

Use of bioengineered human commensal gut bacteria‐derived microvesicles for mucosal plague vaccine delivery and immunization
H. Schaballie  G. Wuyts  D. Dillaerts  G. Frans  L. Moens  M. Proesmans  F. Vermeulen  K. De Boeck  I. Meyts  X. Bossuyt

Multi‐component meningococcal serogroup B (MenB)‐4C vaccine induces effective opsonophagocytic killing in children with a complement deficiency
B. van den Broek  C. A. C. M. van Els  B. Kuipers  K. van Aerde  S. S. Henriet  R. de Groot  M. I. de Jonge  J. D. Langereis  M. van der Flier

HLA‐E: exploiting pathogen‐host interactions for vaccine development
H. R. Sharpe  G. Bowyer  S. Brackenridge  T. Lambe


Figure from HLA‐E: exploiting pathogen‐host interactions for vaccine development


Vaccine candidate discovery for the next generation of malaria vaccines
James Tuju  Gathoni Kamuyu  Linda M. Murungi  Faith H. A. Osier

Are there differences in immune responses following delivery of vaccines through acutely or chronically sun‐exposed compared with sun‐unexposed skin?
Prue H. Hart  Mary Norval

The roles of resident, central and effector memory CD4 T‐cells in protective immunity following infection or vaccination
Joshua I. Gray Lotus M. Westerhof Megan K. L. MacLeod

Basics of memory B‐cell responses: lessons from and for the real world
Rachel Wong  Deepta Bhattacharya

DNA prime‐protein boost vaccine encoding HLA‐A2, HLA‐A24 and HLA‐DR1 restricted epitopes of CaNA2 against visceral leishmaniasis​
Jinlei He  Fan Huang  Jianhui Zhang  Han Chen  Qiwei Chen  Junrong Zhang  Jiao Li  Zhiwan Zheng  Dali Chen  Jianping Chen

Systems vaccinology and big data in the vaccine development chain
René H. M. Raeven  Elly van Riet  Hugo D. Meiring  Bernard Metz  Gideon F. A. Kersten

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