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BSI webinar: Emerging lessons about immunity to COVID-19

This webinar from the British Society for Immunology's 'Connecting on coronavirus: the expert hub' series is hosted by Professor Danny Altmann on the topics of 'Emerging lessons about immunity to COVID-19: what does past experience with coronaviruses teach about protective herd immunity and vaccine approaches?​'.

Danny Altmann is Professor of Immunology at Imperial College London, and has been Editor of several journals in academic immunology and vaccinology over the past 20 years, as well as a period in charge of Pathogens and Immunity strategy at the Wellcome Trust.

In this session, he reviews some of the research papers from the past few months of COVID-19 research, focusing on emerging lessons about immunity to COVID-19, what past experience with coronaviruses teaches about protective herd immunity and what we need from a vaccine.

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​The 'Connecting on coronavirus: the expert hub' webinar series is supported by the British Society for Immunology's official journalsImmunologyClinical & Experimental Immunology and Immunotherapy Advances.