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BSI webinar: COVID-19 vaccine conversations: discovering your path to effective public engagement

This free webinar is part of the British Society for Immunology's series 'Connecting on coronavirus: the expert hub' and new public engagement campaign about COVID-19 vaccines 'Vaccine engagement starts at home'.

This session is presented by Dr Viki Male, Dr Zania Stamataki, Professor Danny Altmann and Dr Mohammad Alhadj Ali on the topic of 'COVID-19 vaccine conversations: discovering your path to effective public engagement'.

Speakers: Dr Viki Male (Imperial College London), Dr Zania Stamataki (University of Birmingham), Professor Danny Altmann (Imperial College London) and Dr Mohammad Alhadj Ali (Cardiff University)

About this webinar: This session was part of our vaccine engagement day exploring how COVID-19 vaccines work and the importance of vaccination. Engaging with the public about vaccinations can seem daunting but there are many ways to play a role in the COVID-19 vaccine conversation. This webinar will give you the tools and support to discover your approach to effective engagement. Everyone can be a positive role model for vaccination in their own way.

This webinar is aimed at BSI members and other researchers who wish to increase their skills and confidence in having constructive conversations about vaccinations with the public. Our panel of speakers share their diverse experiences of engaging with the public and the range of impactful activities they have been carrying out.

Please note, the content of this webinar is aimed at a researcher audience on how to use their expertise to effectively engage in conversations on vaccination.

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