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Careers in immunology: laboratory technician



This webinar on the role of a laboratory technician is part of the British Society for Immunology's 'Careers in immunology' webinar series. It will take place on Wednesday 26 May from 12:00 to 12:45 BST. It is presented by Dr Mari George, Flow Cytometry Research Assistant at the Queen's Medical Research Institute at the University of Edinburgh. 

Dr George will discuss her journey from immunology graduate at the University of Glasgow to completing her PhD at the University of Edinburgh and then becoming an expert research assistant and technician in flow cytometry. She will discuss what type of experience you need to be a flow cytometry expert and place it in the context of the role of a Shared Resource Laboratory (SRL) technician. Mari will also discuss how you can enter a role like this and the opportunities for career progression. 

After this session, you will have a better understanding of: 

  • The different roles and responsibilities of an SRL technician in a research setting
  • What a typical day of an SRL technician looks like
  • Opportunities for career progression within these roles  

This webinar is free for all BSI members. Non-members will be charged £10.  

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