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BSI Career Enabling Activities

As part of the British Society for Immunology's career development offering that aims to support the professional development of those working within immunology and foster the next generation of world-leading immunologists, we offer a range of different career-enabling activities. These consist of core activities to help our members at all career stages to thrive in their roles. Click through the links below to learn more.

To go a step further and super-charge the career progression of our members, we offer additional support through various career-enhancing initiatives, including our new BSI Career Enhancing Grants.


Conference Travel Grants

The BSI will support the travel costs for members who wish to attend meetings and conferences, both domestic and international.

BSI Regional and Affinity Groups Conference Travel Grant

The BSI will support the travel costs for eligible members who wish to attend in-person meetings hosted by our BSI Regional and Affinity Groups.

BSI Regional and Affinity Groups Carers' Grant

The BSI is proud to offer a BSI Regional and Affinity Groups Carers’ Grant. This grant provides members with up to £200 to support them in attending a BSI Regional or Affinity Group conference with the aim of contributing towards additional costs of care when attending the conference.

BSI Medical Elective Grant

The BSI is offering financial support to medical students who are planning to undertake a formal immunology-related placement in a selected laboratory for their medical elective. 

Communicating Immunology Grants

The aims of the BSI's Communicating Immunology grants are to stimulate interest, discussion and understanding of immunology amongst a wider audience, support formal and informal learning about immunology, target a wide range of audiences, with a particular interest in reaching new or traditionally hard to reach audiences.

Careers in immunology webinars

In spring and summer 2021, the BSI undertook a new career development webinar series designed to highlight and promote alternative career paths for immunologists.

BSI Congress 2021 Travel Bursary

The BSI is offering special travel grants of up to £250 to BSI members wishing to attend the BSI Congress 2021 taking place on 28 November - 1 December 2021 in Edinburgh.

BSI Congress 2021 Carers' Grant

The BSI wants to support members to attend the BSI Congress 2021 by contributing towards their additional costs of care when attending the meeting.

BSI Careers Review

The BSI carried out a review of immunology careers in the UK.