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World Immunisation Week 2022

This week (24–30 April 2022) marks World Immunisation Week. Immunisation is one of the safest and most effective public health interventions in the world and saves between 2 and 3 million lives per year. 

With over 4,200 members around the globe, the BSI represents the voice of researchers who work on vaccines as well as the wider immunology community. Over the past two years, immunologists have gone above and beyond to champion the critical role of vaccination, in particular against COVID-19, in protecting and advancing global health. As we move into a new period of the pandemic, it remains vital for immunologists to continue engaging with the public and our new #VaccineConversations campaign is focused on how we can learn from this important work and widen the conversation to other vaccinations.

During World Immunisation Week, we want to inspire everyone to raise awareness of the value of vaccines and immunisation. We have pooled a range of activities and resources related to vaccination and will be posting on social media throughout the week. Join us online with the hashtag #WorldImmunizationWeek for a week of vaccine engagement and education!

New infographic: top tips for engaging with the public about vaccines

Building on the success of our previous campaigns, #CelebrateVaccines and #ExploreVaccines, this year for our annual 'vaccine engagement day', we revitalised public engagement efforts and raised the expert voice of the immunology community in #VaccineConversations. We asked you to share your public engagement successes and challenges from COVID-19 vaccine engagement, including your ideas to apply those learnings when talking about childhood, flu or any other vaccines. The response we received from our members, immunologists, researchers and organisations was incredible – thank you to everyone who got involved!

We have taken the experiences and advice shared by you on the day, and together with our expert tips on having constructive conversations about vaccinations, we've created a graphic showcasing some top tips for engaging with the public about vaccines. The aim of these tips is to inspire immunologists to approach conversations in an effective way and encourage everyone to talk about all vaccines when in the context of public engagement e.g. during a science festival-related activity, online engagement on social media, talking to family and friends and sharing information with communities.

Download the full infographic 

Activities & resources

We have a range of resources and activities about the immunology of vaccines for you to download and share.

Social media channels

Our social media toolkit has a range of resources you can use to show your support and engage others in the fundamental role of vaccines in improving global health.