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We are a well-established and diverse community united by our passion for immunology. The British Society for Immunology (BSI) represents over 4,000 members around the world from a wide range of sectors and career stages. 

We are committed to connecting, supporting and empowering immunologists to drive forward scientific discovery and application together, and providing a powerful voice for immunology at the highest levels.

Our members are at the heart of everything we do. Our community is vital in advancing our work to help shape the future of immunology. Being a member of the BSI means being part of the leading charity organisation for immunology in the UK and one of the largest networks in the world for those interested in the immune system. We offer members unique opportunities to:

Together we can realise our vision of better health for all through immunology.

As a focal hub for the immunology community, we bring together people working in different sectors and career stages – all of which play an important role in advancing the field. Our membership categories showcase different sectors which compose our vibrant community. Click through to find out more about which category is for you, the benefits you can access and fees. 


For members working or studying in academia. 


For members working in industry.

Medical, Veterinary, Dental

For members who are clinically qualified or in training.

Associated Professional

An inclusive category for anyone with an interest in immunology who does not fit into the other four categories, including clinical scientists (and other MLSOs).

Nurse & Allied Health Professional

For members training to be or working as a nurse or allied healthcare professional.

Membership for companies

Become a Corporate Member to support our mission and bring your company closer to our global immunology community. 

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It is very easy to become a member of the BSI and join your community. 

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You will be contacted when your membership is due to renew or change. Manage or renew your membership here.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Immunology News

Find out more about how we're supporting our our members and representing immunology on a wider stage in our quarterly membership magazine, Immunology News.

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If you have any questions please contact the membership office on +44 (0)203 019 5901 / +44 (0)77 7530 1216 or