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Bioinformatics training for wet-lab life scientists

DNA genome sequencing concept

We’re excited to offer a new training programme, in collaboration with the Glasgow Bioinformatic Core, to equip wet-lab immunologists, biologists and other life scientists with the skills and confidence to perform their own bioinformatic data analysis. The Glasgow Bioinformatic Core is part of the School of Infection & Immunity at the University of Glasgow.

Bioinformatics is becoming ubiquitous to the life sciences and is now a potent driver of scientific development. With the increased use of bioinformatic tools to complement wet-lab research in immunology, knowing how to effectively analyse omic datasets is becoming an essential skill for current and future generations of researchers. 

Effective and affordable courses in this area are few and far between, which is why we’re offering a low-cost, highly rated course.

This training is designed for wet-lab life scientists with no previous experience on bioinformatics or coding and is now open at a discount to all BSI members.

Do you want to do some omics and raise the impact of your research? Learn how to do it yourself in just two weeks!

Are you a wet-lab scientist…

  • With little or no previous experience in bioinformatics?
  • Who is doing or planning on doing an omic experiment as part of a project?
  • Keen to learn R and bioinformatics to advance your career, for example after finishing a PhD or in future post-docs?
  • Who needs to understand omics in the current literature?
  • Who’s been on a course but is missing the practical skills and confidence to put it to use?

Sign up to this top-rated bioinformatics training programme now! You will get:

  • Digestible classes that fit around your lab schedule – they are mornings-only on Zoom
  • Low-cost training, significantly more affordable than other courses – just £150 per week for BSI members
  • Sought-after skills that will expand your career prospects – add it to your CV!
  • Confidence to carry out bioinformatic data processing and analysis of your own or public datasets
  • Lessons on making beautiful plots using R (e.g. PCA, heatmap, violin, MA, volcano, pathway analysis, etc.)

And much more!

The first course ‘Omic data analysis and visualisation using R’ is essential for complete beginners, covering the foundations of bioinformatics, R-coding and omic data visualisation. It starts on Monday 14 November 2022 and consists of ten sessions in total, taking place on weekdays in the morning. This course is now fully booked. There will be more rounds of the course opening up soon and taking place in 2023. Please keep an eye out on our website and social media channels @britsocimm.

In addition, there are optional extra courses, depending on need, which build on specific lessons obtained in the first course. They allow for specialisation into advanced topics such as single-cell RNA-sequencing. Here you can see the full outline of the programme and guidance on which course is right for you

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The programme has been developed and is delivered by the Glasgow Bioinformatic Core and is being offered by the British Society for Immunology.