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What is immunology?

Immunology is the study of the immune system and is a very important branch of the medical and biological sciences.

BSI guide to vaccinations for COVID-19

Our free, easy to read guide on vaccinations for COVID-19 for a public audience. 

Find a Clinical Immunologist

Details of where to find clinical immunologists around the UK. 

Coronavirus & COVID-19 vaccines public resources

On this page, you will find a variety of coronavirus public engagement resources for all ages and abilities.


Here you will find our Celebrate Vaccines site containing all our information on vaccines. Includes our 'A guide to childhood vaccinations', educational resources, animations, infographics and more. 

Polio Booster Vaccinations

On this page you'll find an infographic about the importance of polio vaccination.


Vaccine resources in different languages

To be more accessible to diverse communities, we have translated some of our educational resources on immunity, COVID-19 and vaccines into different languages, including Arabic, French, German, Greek, Irish, Kurdish, Lithuanian, Polish, Spanish, Welsh and Yiddish.

BiteSized Immunology

BiteSized Immunology is a developing online resource designed to form a comprehensive guide to the immune system.

Activities and Resources

The BSI has a selection of public engagement activities that you can download from our website or contact us to order. 

Cancer immunotherapy

Discover our interactive public engagement activities about the immunology of cancer and immunotherapy. 

BSI webinar

Recording of 'COVID-19 vaccines: how effective are they in people with weakened immune systems?'

BSI webinar

Recording of 'Living with immunodeficiency, living with COVID-19'

Public Engagement events

Find out about upcoming and past public events that the BSI and its members are participating in.  

A History of Immunology in 60 Objects

To help mark our 60th anniversary we collected a list of objects, or things, through which the story of immunology and its history can be told.

Britain Breathing

#BritainBreathing aims to engage the UK public to help scientists discover more about seasonal allergies such as hay fever or asthma.

BSI YouTube Channel

Information, opinion and event videos from the BSI and our members. 

BSI Soundcloud Page

Find podcasts on different topics of immunology on our SoundCloud page.


Find a clinical immunologist

Access a comprehensive list of clinical immunologists around the UK

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Get Involved

Get involved with what we do at the BSI and help us to achieve our objective to promote and support excellence in immunology.

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BiteSized immunology

Our online learning resource designed to form a comprehensive guide to the immune system.

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Immunology news

Our membership publication, published quarterly and distributed free to members both electronically and in traditional print.

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