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School Science Conference 2015

The 12th Annual Schools Science Conference took place on a sunny day in April at the University of Westminster.  The event saw 250 secondary school students descend on the venue to learn more about “Science for Survival”, the topic of this year’s event.  

The day kicked off with a fantastic talk by Dr Sheena Cruickshank (Manchester) entitled “Parasites – the master manipulators”, looking at some of the ways that parasites interact with their hosts to promote their own survival. The rest of the day was taken up with practical workshops and exhibition stands. There was a real buzz of excitement and anticipation from the students and presenters. Throughout the day, the university hummed with discussion and laughter as the students learned about the blood and bugs, presented their own projects and interacted with volunteer scientists.

The BSI ran a stand in the exhibition zone looking at herd immunity and vaccination. We had an interactive skittles games which allowed students to see the difference in populations when some versus all of the people had been vaccinated. This proved very popular with the students as did our handouts about the subject. 

Attendees at School Science Conference