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Statement on findings of GMC Review of Training in Allergy and Immunology

13 February 2017


The British Society for Immunology welcomes the recent recommendations from the General Medical Council’s Review of Training in Allergy and Immunology.  As small specialties, allergy and immunology experience a number of recruitment and training challenges in the current healthcare environment including a relatively low profile and difficulty for trainees in obtaining all the laboratory skills outlined in the curriculum.  However, we believe the solution recommended by this review of introducing a common two-year training period for both allergy and immunology before further specialisation recognises the shared scientific foundations of both specialties and represents the best path forward for ensuring the training of our future clinical leaders is rigorous and fit for purpose.  This proposed programme will allow trainees more flexibility in their career paths, increasing their skill sets to meet the needs of patients with immune-mediated disease and thus improves their future employability.  

We look forward to working with the Special Advisory Committees in Allergy and Immunology at the Joint Royal College of Physicians Training Board to explore this possibility further and develop a strategy to ensure allergy and immunology medical training meets the needs of patients in our healthcare system in the years ahead.


You can read the full General Medical Council Review of Training in Allergy and Immunology here. The review focused on the delivery of postgraduate education programmes in the medical specialties of Allergy and Immunology and considered the policies, processes and systems in place to support them. You can find the action plan for implementing this review here.