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B cell UK 2022

Holiday Inn Bloomsbury, London, UK


The BSI London Immunology Group is pleased to announce the first UK B cell meeting on Tuesday 26 April 2022 at the Holiday Inn Bloomsbury, London.

The importance of B cells to human health and scientific discovery is difficult to overstate, especially in light of the events of the last two years. B cells are central to immunity and memory of infection, yet B cell deficiencies have devastating impacts and their dysregulation underlines many autoimmune and allergic diseases. From a scientific perspective, molecular biologists have long been fascinated by the regulation of the B cell cycle and antibody gene rearrangement, analysis of which has led to fundamental discoveries in genetics, cell biology and cancer. Monoclonal antibodies have proved fundamental to research in all disciplines of biology and have been an important weapon in our fight against disease since the 1980s. This unique ability to produce antibodies underpins many cutting-edge treatments, forming the basis of the majority of vaccines and checkpoint blockade therapies.

Over 50 years on from the discovery of their role as the source of antibodies, B cells remain one of the most diversely studied and utilised cells of the immune system. Thanks to recent progress in experimental approaches, we now have a greater appreciation of the complex nature of B cell development and their role in immune regulation and homeostasis. Despite this wealth of knowledge, there is still great activity and interest in the field, with numerous challenges remaining.

This meeting aims to bring together the UK’s diverse group of B cell researchers and clinicians to foster collaboration in a friendly and fun environment. The programme includes keynote presentations from Professor Anja Hauser (DZRF Berlin) and Professor Ziv Shulman (The Weizmann Institute). The remainder of the day will feature short talks, elevator pitch presentations and posters selected from abstracts, and networking sessions where researchers at all career stages will be able to discuss their latest research or even research in the pipeline. All researchers interested or involved in B cell or B cell associated work, from monoclonal antibodies to cell biology and beyond are welcome. Join us to celebrate this most versatile of immune cells!

Stay tuned for more information about the programme and confirmed speakers. Please follow us on Twitter @London_immuno and @bsicongress to stay up to date and join the conversation using #BcellUK2022.

All BSI events will continue to prioritise the health and safety of our members, delegates and staff in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. For more information, please read our COVID-19 guidance here.

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09:00–09:30 | Registration & refreshments

09:30–09:40 | Meeting welcome  

Session 1
09:40–10:10 | Professor Ziv Shulman, Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel: Germinal center reactions during bacterial infections (Invited speaker)
10:10–10:25 | Jacqueline Siu, King's College London: Resolving human marginal zone B cells by global analysis of lymphoid tissues and blood (Selected short talk)

10:25–10:40 | An Qi Xu, Francis Crick Institute: Long-lived plasma cells visualised by genetic tracing exhibit tissue-specific turnover and distinct transcriptional profiles (Selected short talk)

10:40–10:55 | Dr Eros Marin, The Kennedy Institute, Oxford: Asparagine availability and asparagine synthetase regulate germinal centre B cell differentiation (Selected short talk)

10:55–11:00 | Short talk

11:00–11:30 | Refreshment break

Session 2:  
11:30–11:45 | Dr Han Leng Ng, Imperial College London: Defining a BCR-ABL1 specific gene-enhancer landscape in Ph+B-ALL (Selected short talk)

11:45–12:00 | Dr Cameron Burnett, University of Birmingham: Characterising migration of memory B cells emerging from germinal centres (Selected short talk)

12:00–12:05 | Short talk

12:05–12:25 | Flash talk presentations

12:25–12:40 | Dr Hannah Bradford, University College London: Inactive disease in lupus patients is linked to autoantibodies to type-I interferons that normalise blood IFNa and B cell subsets (Selected short talk)

12:40–12:45 | Short talk

12:45–13:55 | Lunch, posters and networking (poster viewing from 13:05–13:50)

Session 3:
13:55–14:10 | Dr Lalit Kumar Dubey, QMUL: B cell-Stromal Cross Talk Drives Mesenteric Lymph Node Eosinophilia (Selected short talk)

14:10–14:25 | Dr Juan Quintana, University of Glasgow: Multi-omics approach reveals a bidirectional crosstalk between plasma cells and Cx3cr1+ microglia in the brain during chronic Trypanosoma brucei infection (Selected short talk)

14:25–14:30 | Short talk

14:30–15:00 | Flash talk presentations

15:00–15:05 | Short talk

15:05–15:30 | Refreshment break and networking

Session 4

15:30–15:45 | Dr Alice Burton, University College London: Expression of CD49a compartmentalises B cells in the tissue (Selected short talk)

15:30–15:45 | Dr Sushma Shankar, University of Oxford: Ex vivo-expanded human CD19+TIM-1+ B regulatory cells can control human immune responses in vivo and are dependent on TIM-1-mediated regulation of STAT3 signalling (Selected short talk)

16:00–16:30 | Professor Anja Hauser, DRZF Berlin, Germany (Invited speaker) Talk title TBC

16:30–16:35 | Closing remarks 

16:35–18:00 | Networking reception and close


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