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How to manage a lab successfully



This webinar on 'How to manage a lab successfully' is part of the British Society for Immunology's career development webinar series. It will take place on Monday 14 September at 12:30-13:15 BST and will be presented by Dr Matthew Hepworth, a research fellow at the University of Manchester. 

Effective laboratory management is crucial to successful research and to progressing your career as an independent research scientist. These skills can be tricky to develop while still a postdoc and prior to transitioning to independence and the BSI membership have highlighted it as a crucial skills set to focus on in the past. 

In this webinar Dr Hepworth will look at a variety of different aspects that go into being a successful lab manager. This includes staff recruitment, building a support network, and what is needed to successfully change your mindset from postdoc to principal investigator. 

This webinar is free for all BSI members. Non-members will be charged £10. You can join the BSI online - membership provides many benefits to help you progress your career. Undergraduate membership is free. 


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