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Impact of parasites on the human immune system



This webinar from our Regional & Affinity Group series is brought to you by the BSI West of Scotland Immunology Group. 'Impact of parasites on the human immune system' is the Group's annual showcase. Professor Maria Yazdanbakhsh will present the 2020 Delphine Parrott Memorial Lecture on Thursday 24 September, 12:00-13:00 BST. 

In depth analysis of immune cells has shown that in rural areas where parasitic infections are highly prevalent, the immune system has a very different profile from what we see in urbanized regions where parasitic infections are rare. Moreover, controlled human parasite infection models teach us the dynamic changes that are seen upon infection of the host and help us extrapolate to findings in endemic areas. The full understanding of the immunological profiles could help us answer the question why responses to vaccines or other infections can be very distinct geographically and help us design appropriate interventions.

Speaker: Professor Maria Yazdanbakhsh, Head of department of Parasitology, LU-CID, Leiden University Medical Center.

Maria Yazdanbakhsh obtained her BSc from King’s College London, her MSc from London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and did her PhD at Amsterdam University. After her post-doctoral period at Imperial College London she started her research group at Leiden University. Maria heads the department of Parasitology which engages in basic and clinical research and employs an interdisciplinary group of basic and clinical scientists who focus on understanding host-parasite interactions at the molecular, cellular and population level. The knowledge gained is being applied to contribute to 1) development of effective vaccines against parasitic diseases and 2) identification of parasite-derived immune modulatory molecules to control hyper-inflammatory diseases.

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