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Joint BSI-NCRI webinar: In conversation with Karin de Visser


We’re delighted to announce this joint virtual session with the National Cancer Research Institute (NCRI). Last year, we established a partnership with the NCRI to bring the immunology and cancer communities together to drive collaborations that address current challenges in immunotherapy through a series of joint initiatives, including this webinar.

This virtual event will take place on Wednesday 1 July, 15:00 - 15:45.

Speaker: Professor Karin de Visser, a Senior Group Leader at the Division of Tumor Biology & Immunology at the Netherlands Cancer Institute, and Group Leader at Oncode Institute and a Professor of Experimental Immunobiology of Cancer at Leiden University Medical Center.

Chair: Dr Eileen Parkes, Department of Oncology, University of Oxford.

Registration is free.

In this webinar, Professor de Visser will explore the role of cancer therapies in the context of metastasis formation and discuss possible reasons for unresponsiveness to conventional treatments.

The discussion will focus on the role that the immune system plays in response to therapy, what we know about inflammation and how a better understanding of the crosstalk between the immune system and cancer may contribute to the design of novel immunomodulatory strategies and increase the efficacy of conventional anti-cancer therapies. Metastatic breast cancer will be used as an exemplar throughout the session.

Who should attend?

Scientists, medical/clinical oncologists, surgeons, trainees, nurses, allied health professionals, immunologists, PhD students, research managers / funders, patient experts.


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