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Joint BSI-NCRI webinar: What do cancer B cells see?



This webinar is part of the British Society for Immunology's Regional and Affinity Group webinar series and is jointly hosted by the BSI Tumour Immunology Group and NCRI. In 2019 the BSI established a partnership with the NCRI to bring the immunology and cancer communities together to drive collaborations that address current challenges in immunotherapy through a series of joint initiatives, including this webinar. This NCRI-BSI joint session is the second in our 'Immune Repertoires in Cancer: T and B cells' series of webinars.

We will be exploring the frontiers of research into B cells in cancer, with talks from B cell repertoire experts Professor Brad Nelson (Deeley Research Centre, Canada) and Dr Dmitriy Chudakov (Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry, Russia). Our first speaker, Professor Brad Nelson will explain about his work on tumour-infiltrating memory B cells and plasma cells, their clonality in tumours and associations with tertiary lymphoid structures. Professor Dmitriy Chudakov will close this webinar series, speaking about computational profiling of the B cell repertoire, and immunoglobulin isotype dominance in mutational subtypes of cancer.


  • Professor Brad Nelson, Deeley Research Centre, Canada
  • Dr Dmitriy Chudakov, Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry, Russia

Chair: Professor Tim Elliott, University of Oxford, UK

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