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Joint BSI-NCRI webinar: What do cancer T cells see?



This webinar is part of the British Society for Immunology's Regional and Affinity Group webinar series and is jointly hosted by the BSI Tumour Immunology Group and NCRI. In 2019 the BSI established a partnership with the NCRI to bring the immunology and cancer communities together to drive collaborations that address current challenges in immunotherapy through a series of joint initiatives, including this webinar. This BSI-NCRI joint session is the first in our “Immune repertories in cancer: T and B cells” series of webinars.

This webinar will take place on Thursday 28 January from 14:00 to 15:00 GMT and is free for all

Professor Lindy Durrant and Dr Michele Mishto will discuss common post-translational modifications to peptides that can be recognised by T cells in cancer, and the potential benefits of using unconventional T cell epitopes in cancer immunotherapy. Our first speaker Dr Michele Mishto will explain how proteasomes can splice tumour peptides, and about his work characterising the CD8+ T cell spliced immunopeptidome. Professor Lindy Durrant will close the session by discussing her work on CD4+ T cell responses to peptides that have been citrullinated by stressed tumour cells and the prospect of a citrullinated peptide cancer vaccine.

  • Professor Lindy Durrant, University of Nottingham
  • Dr Michele Mishto, King's College London

Chair: Professor Benny Chain, University College London

Registration is free! Find out more and register here

The BSI Regional & Affinity Group webinar series is supported by Miltenyi Biotec.


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