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Landscape immunology: high dimensional analysis of cellular dynamics

Biomedical Sciences Building, University Walk, University of Bristol, Bristol BS8 1TD


The British Society for Immunology's Bristol Immunology Group is pleased to bring you 'Landscape immunology: high dimensional analysis of cellular dynamics' taking place at 09:45 - 13:45 on Tuesday 10 April 2018 at the University of Bristol, Bristol, UK. 


The immune system integrates information across multiple scales to develop an effective response to invading pathogens and cancerous cells. Modern approaches to high dimensional analysis will be key to understanding the complexities of this process in the next decade. This symposium will review many of the promising strategies that are currently being applied.


This is a half day meeting. You can download a full programme for the meeting here

Talks include:

  • Immune gene aberration in the onset of multiple cancers
    Francesca Ciccarelli  (King's College London & The Francis Crick Institute)
  • Combining high throughput sequencing and quantitative proteomics to answer life’s big questions…
    David Matthews (University of Bristol)
  • Statistically rigorous methods for biomarker discovery from proteomics
    Andrew Dowsey (University of Bristol)
  • A supramolecular complex enhances early T cell signalling
    Christoph Wuelfing (University of Bristol)
  • Unraveling immune identity one cell at a time
    Thomàs Pires de Carvalho Gomes (Wellcome Sanger Institute)
  • Time-resolved, quantitative interactomics analysis of the TCR signal-transduction network in primary T cells
    Bernard Malissen (Centre d'Immunologie INSERM-CNRS, Marseille-Luminy)



This meeting is free to attend, however delegates are required to pre-register online.