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Living with immunodeficiency, living with COVID-19

Zoom Webinar


The British Society for Immunology is pleased to collaborate with the COV-AD (COVID infection in patients with antibody deficiency) study, the UK Primary Immunodeficiency Network and Immunodeficiency UK to hold a free public webinar on ‘Living with immunodeficiency, living with COVID-19’ on Thursday 10 March at 18:00–19:00 GMT. Register for free here.

People with immunodeficiency are particularly vulnerable to infection with SARS-CoV-2, are more likely to get very unwell with COVID-19 and don’t respond as well to vaccination as the general population. Join our panel of experts to hear about the cutting-edge research to understand the immune response after infection and vaccination in people with immune deficiency. What can we do in future to protect this group of people and what are the treatment options? What is the patient perspective and how can lived experience be meaningfully involved in immunology research?

This webinar is for a public audience with opportunity for everyone to ask questions to our panel of speakers. All questions will be treated in an anonymous manner. Please note that we will not be able to provide any personalised medical advice in response to questions.


  • Margaret Bennett, Patient representative, Immunodeficiency UK
  • Professor Siobhan Burns, University College London
  • Professor Alex Richter, University of Birmingham
  • Professor Sinisa Savic, University of Leeds


Dr Doug Brown, British Society for Immunology

Registration is free for all for this webinar. Book your place here.


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